First Recycling Steps

Climate change is real and unless we make a change we will be stuck on a sinking ship that has helped us evolve and has provided us with sustenance for about 200 000 years. How do we make a difference? Many people are willing to help but don’t know how. Here is a list of 5 small  things you can do every day to make a difference:

1.Don’t accept straws

Straws are great but let’s be honest with ourselves we really don’t need to use them. A few restaurants offer paper straws but these aren’t exactly helping the issue. The point is to reduce environmental impact. If you are truly going to insist on using straws the best alternative would be reusable glass or metal straws.

Photo by Meghan Rodgers

2.Active Recycling

You don’t have to be perfect at recycling when you start, but starting is the biggest step. Buy a bin for plastics and take them to a recycling drop area or you can connect with a waste collection company.

Photo by Gary Chan

3. Watch your transport methods

Cars are harmful to the environment but until we have completely electric transport they will have to be used in some circumstances. Carpooling and public transport is a way to reduce emissions for now.

Photo by Carl Raw

4. Use Reusable Bags For Grocery Storage

Every time we buy loose fruit or vegetables from the store we use a disposable bag, by investing in your own reusable bags you won’t be contributing to the production of single use plastic products.

Photo by Adam Muise

5. Save Electricity

This an obvious one if you live in South Africa but at the end of the day we predominantly have coal power stations that have one of the biggest impacts on the environment. The solution at the end of the day is to use energy saving light bulbs invest in solar panels and switch off your geyser.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev

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